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Buy herbal tinctures online

Buy herbal tinctures online , Herbs Organic Tinctures are made with gluten free alcohol, filter spring water and the specific herb of your choice that come in two sizes: 100ml or large 500ml. What is a herbal tincture.. A herbal tincture is a liquid extract which is infuse with herbs that you take via your mouth (Orally).

The herbs are mainly infuse in alcohol because it preserves the strength and potency of the specific herb better, but they are infuse in vegetable glycerine or apple cider vinegar (non-alcohol). Herbal tinctures is made with a single herb or is made with a combination of herbs.

Herbal tinctures are liquid this makes it a faster, efficient and more effective way of getting the properties of each specific herb into your body .

Just simply add 3-5mls of your herbal tincture to either fruit juice, water or simply neat under your tongue and enjoy the herbs natural healing properties.

Whether you’re on the go, at work or simply relaxing at home.Made with gluten free alcohol, filter water and ginger root. Grow and produce entirely in the Usa on an Organic farm in the Heart of usa.

The tincture extraction involves pure organic alcohol (Gluten Free)that  draws the herb properties from the plant into the solution.Olive leaf 100ml organic tincture (1:2 Ratio).

Made with olive leaf, filter water and gluten free alcohol. This tincture is grow and produce entirely in the USA on an Organic farm in the Heart of America.


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