Strawberry Mango Syrup (Delta-8)

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Strawberry Mango Syrup (Delta-8)


Mango Strawberry Syrup is  Sweet Life Syrup features three delicious flavors. Effects are fast-acting and perfect for anytime you want a blissful body high, without the intense head buzz you might get from smoking.

Sweet Life’s Syrup includes 200mg of Delta-8 per 2 oz bottle and is marked for easy dosing — giving you ten 20mg doses per bottle.

Flavor Profiles:

Blueberry syrup is a delicious dose of dark berries and Delta-8 whenever you want it.

Nectarberry syrup is a yummy peach and nectarine flavor with a hint of strawberry.

Strawberry Mango is a sweet, tropical treat when you want a lil’ buzz.


Mango Strawberry Syrup [1000mg]

If you’ve been searching for an ultra-potent and water-soluble hemp product — look no further than the 1,000mg HHC Syrup.

Whether for your midday tea or a glass of water, our 1,000mg HHC Syrup is the perfect solution. HHC Syrup contains a whopping 1,000mg of HHC isolate — a rare and legal cannabinoid similar to THC.

From mind-soaring euphoria to increased awareness, HHC is the ultimate cannabinoid for hemp enthusiasts that need an extra kick during the morning, afternoon, or evening. To make things even easier, our 1,000mg HHC Syrup is easy to use and mixes with any type of liquid.


1,000mg HHC Syrup

Hemp enthusiasts that enjoy discretion and drink-based edibles, the 1,000mg HHC Syrup is a dream come true. Choose between three delicious flavors: Strawberry Lemonade, Citravana, and Mango.

Whether you’re a beginner or not, you can customize your dose with the dosage applicator. In other words, you can experiment with ease without going overboard.

Lastly, our 1,000mg HHC Syrup is exceptionally bio-available, meaning each drop counts while eliciting top-shelf effects for hours. Drop for drop, the 1,000mg HHC Syrup is worth its weight in gold! Best Mango Strawberry Syrup for sale near me

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